We strive to make sure you have education at your fingertips in order to make decisions with intention. Find Regional Directors, Professionals, or Coaches in other locations, learn more about the four pillars, join a tribe, or expand your mindset about what is “normal” for the motherhood transition.


birthfit main site

The BIRTHFIT main site in the hub for B! information. If you are planning on conceiving, already pregnant, or postpartum this is the best way to explore all things BIRTHFIT.


birthfit podcast

This is where you will find real talk, information and education, and a range of experiences, opinions, and actions. We dive into conversations around the motherhood transition from women, men, moms, dads, partners, doctors, midwives, chiropractors, birth educators and activists.

Like all our education and resources, the information distributed through this podcast does not replace consultation with a qualified health or medical professional who sees you in person throughout your pregnancy and postpartum phases. For more on the disclaimer see the main site.


birthfit online programing

Our online coaching programs are designed by doctors, coaches, and mothers, and deliver fitness & mindset practices to your inbox weekly, so you can follow along at your own pace. Train intentionally for pregnancy and recover intentionally postpartum. There’s nothing else like this out there. We don’t modify for pregnancy or postpartum; we train for it. #movementislife